Sunday, February 5, 2012

Daily Assignment #103: Designing a Unit of Study

Designing a unit of study can be very overwhelming.  Let me break it down in more manageable steps for you.

  1. Begin with researching the topic.  Keep a list of resource materials.  Make sure to use the latest resources on the topic.  Become knowledgeable. 
  2. Decide what it is that students are to know and to be able to do by the end of this unit.
  3. How will learning be assessed and how frequently?
  4. Do an Activator with the students to find out how much they already know about the topic and any misconceptions or confusions they may have on the topic (refer to Daily Assignments #41-44, #53, #82)
  5. Using the data from the Activator start designing the unit. 
Questions to ask while planning the unit:
  • What is the time span for this unit? 
  • How frequently will I be teaching this unit, e.g., everyday, every other day? How many lessons will I need?
  • Knowing the objectives, what will the each lesson include?
  • What thinking skills should be included? (refer to Daily Assignment #17, #18-19)
  • In thinking about each lesson, what effective strategies can be included to meet the needs of all my students? (refer to all the Daily Assignments) 
  • What strategies can be used to include the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners? (refer to all the Daily Assignments)
  • What projects or activities, which will promote understanding, can be incorporated into the lessons? Include a rubric. (refer to Daily Assignment #25)
  • What summarizers should be used? (refer to Daily Assignment #46-50, #53, #86)
As you teach this unit keep notes on how things are going.  In that way, when you teach this unit again, you will remember the stumbling blocks and the successes. Don't worry if you don't get everything in the first time, just keep building on what you have each year.  Also, keep samples of students' work for reference, particularly when using a rubric.

Please share this blog with colleagues and friends.  Also, take a moment to check-out my book on effective strategies.

Best Effort!

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