Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daily Assignment #102: "Top 9" Effective Teaching Strategies

Robert Marzano, a leading researcher in education, has identified a “Top 9” List of effective teaching strategies, which contribute to higher levels of student achievement:
  1.  Identifying similarities and differences (Daily Assignment #17, #18)
  2. Summarizing and note taking (Daily Assignment #46-#50, #53) 
  3. Reinforcing effort and providing recognition (Daily Assignment #69)
  4. Homework and practice (Daily Assignment #78, #85)
  5.  Nonlinguistic representations such as mental images, graphs, acting out content (Daily Assignment #18)
  6.  Cooperative learning (Daily Assignment #26) 
  7.  Setting objectives and providing feedback(Daily Assignment #25, #58)
  8.  Generating and testing hypotheses 
  9.  Activating prior knowledge via questions, cues, advance   organizers (Daily Assignment #41-#44, #53)
Source: Marzano, 2003
    As you can see I have covered most of the "Top 9" in my blogs.  
    Including one, some or more of the "Top 9" in daily instruction will make a difference in student learning.

    Please share this blog with colleagues and friends.  Also, take a moment to check out my book on effective strategies:

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