Sunday, January 15, 2012

Daily Assignment #100: Annoying Classroom Behaviors

We all have experienced those annoying classroom behaviors by our students, e.g. chatting, sharpening pencils at inopportune moments, not cooperating within a group, etc...

What to do...
  1. Set-up a group contract using classroom rules that have been established.
  2. Review the rules, weekly or daily, until the students can successfully adhere to them.
  3. Use direct and specific reprimands,  "Stop talking and work on your math problems, please."
  4. Frequently give praise to whole class, "Thank you for working so quietly."  "Thank you for cleaning your area so quickly."
  5. Be proactive.  If you see a student becoming distracted intervene quickly.  "Harry, you with us?"
  6. Use the "Look", Daily Assignment #95.
  7. Frequently circulate around the room.
For the student who continues to have difficulty, designing an individual contract maybe necessary.

On a personal note, writing 100 blogs feels like a major milestone.  I have surprised myself with how much I had to share. At this point, I have decided to slow down a bit.  So, beginning this week I will be doing my blog just once a week, Sunday evenings.  I hope you will continue to check all previous blogs for ideas and  check-in each Sunday evening.  In the meantime, please share this blog, and my book, with colleagues and friends. 

Daily Assignment - 70 Effective Teaching Strategies At A Glance

Best Effort and see you next Sunday,

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