Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily Assignment #51: Charting

Oops, I thought I had posted this last night.  Sorry.

While everyone seems to be using high tech in teaching, I think flip charts are still a very effective tool.

Here are some tips for preparing charts:

  • COLORS:  For colors use the most comfortable for people to focus on.  Use earth colors, instead of black, for text, eg. blue- for the sky, green-for the ground and brown-for the earth, yellow for highlighting and red ONLY for critical emphasis. Avoid using the colors purple, pink, or orange. These are extremely difficult to see.  An avoid using too many colors. Using one dark color and one accent color works best. Use color for impact not to be artsy. 
  • LETTERING:  Lettering should be at least 2" high.  Titles should be in CAPS.  Use upper and lower case letters in text.  Write clearly. Print, cursive is difficult to read at a distance.
  • VISUAL GRAPHICS:  Use bullets in front of phrases.  Box in parts of text. Draw lines between key lines.
  • BANNERS:  Put the topic in a banner at the top of the chart. Outline it in black and read and fill in background with yellow.
  • You can write "lightly in pencil" any notes next to key points you need. The students won't be able to see them. 
  • If you make any mistakes you can use "white out" or a slip of paper, to correct any small errors. For larger areas, cover the mistake with a double layer of flip chart paper and correct the error.
  • Making "prepared" flip charts can take a considerable amount of time. Make sure you start preparing your charts early enough so you can review them and make any changes or corrections before hand. It takes practice to learn how to print neatly. If you do not have neat printing, ask someone who does prepare them for you. A poorly prepared flip chart can be very distracting.

I hope these suggestions help you in preparing for your next lesson. 

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