Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daily Assignment #50: Summarizer--The Last Word

The Last Word summarizer is actually an acronym.  Students begin by brainstorming all the main ideas of a topic.  Then they put them into phrases for each letter of the topic.


M   Most frequently occurring number in a set of data
O   Often there is more than one in large sets of numbers
D   Data doesn't always have a mode
E   Easy to determine; simply count how often the numbers occur

P    Protagonist is the lead character.
L    Lesser important adversaries may create secondary conflicts.
A    Antagonist actively opposes the protagonist.
Y    Yearn to express emotions and ideas appropriate to particular characters

S    Structure of a play is broken into 5 parts.
T    Turning point is also referred to as the climax.
R    Rising action is complicated by secondary conflicts.
U    Understanding the historical and cultural influences on a play.
C    Climax occurs in the third act.
T    Tragedies end with a castastrophe.
U    Understand the relationship of script to performance.
R    Resolution is the moment of reversal after the climax.
E    Exposition provides the background information.

I have found with younger students it is best to do this as a whole class activity.  At the other end of the spectrum, for older students I have found that this summarizer works best when students work with a partner or in small groups.

I hope you will experiment with this summarizer and let us know how it goes.

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