Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daily Assignment #40: Posting the Agenda

Have you ever attended a professional developement workshop and wondered where is this instructor going with this lesson, or what is going to happen next, or what are we going to do with this information, or when is the break?  Well, you have students in your class asking the same questions.

By posting the agenda, your students' questions will be answered.  They will know what they will be doing with the information, what each step will be to get there, and when it will end.

Also, by posting the agenda, students, as well as the teacher, will be more focused and on task.

The agenda can be posted for an entire day or for a lesson.  When posting the agenda for the day some teachers put the times beside each event.

Example of an all day agenda:

8:25  Morning Meeting
8:45  Literacy
10:00 Working Snack
10:30 Recess
11:00 Lunch
11:30 Math
12:15 Science
12:45 Music
1:15  Social Studies
2:00  Clean-up
2:10 Closing Meeting
2:25 Dismissal

Example of a lesson agenda
(in this lesson the teacher is using a model of teaching called "Concept Attainment")

Lesson:  Parallelograms

  • Using a T chart, examples of parallelograms and non parallelograms
  • Learning Partners create a definition
  • More examples
  • Partners edit definition
  • More examples
  • Final edit of definition
  • Using partner definitions, group creates a definition
  • Final definition 
  • Parallelogram designs
I hope you will experiment with this strategy and let us know how it goes.

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