Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daily Assignment #36: 10-2

Dr. Mary Budd Rowe, a science educator, developed this 10-2 processing strategy.  Simply put, 10-2 is when the teacher instructs for 10 minutes and students have 2 minutes to process the information.  Processing may include writing in a journal, reviewing and clarifying notes, sharing with a partner or with a team, and writing down questions.  It is not a time to interact with the teacher, such as asking questions.

There are several advantages for doing this strategy e.g., retention of information is greater, students stay more focused during instruction, the quality of note taking and questions improves, students process with peers, developing independent learners.

Also, I have found, when students sit for long periods of time, I lose their attention.  My instruction maybe amazing, but how long can anyone sit and get?  "The brain can absorb only what the seat will endure."  I love this quote, unfortunately, I don't know who said it.  However, it is so true.  The 10-2 strategy can provide an opportunity for students to get up and move when they are sharing with a partner or a team.

I hope you will experiment with this quick and simple strategy.  it doesn't cost anything but the benefits are great.

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