Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daily Assignment #37: Think, Pair, Share

Think, Pair, Share, is a processing strategy created by Dr. Frank Lyman, in 1981. There are just 3 steps to this strategy.

Step 1: Students are asked to think about a topic or a question posed by the teacher or a student.

Step 2: Students turn to a partner, or an assigned Learning Partner, (see Daily Assignment #12:  Learning Partners).

Step 3: Students share or discuss their responses with partners.

Example:   Teacher, "What data are we going to need to solve this problem?"
                                           (Thinking Skill: Analyzing)


                  Teacher, "Turn to your partner and discuss your thinking."

A variation of Step 3 might be for the students to share with their partner then create a quad with another pair and share.  Another variation might be after students share with a partner they then share with the whole class or share their partners response.

There is also Think, Write, Share or Think, Graphic Organizer, Share.  I'm sure there are other variations as well.

Think, Pair, Share, gives students an opportunity to think, reflect and organize their thinking.  Working with a partner helps them to practice their own response and to listen to someone else's thinking.

Research shows that this strategy increases student participation, develops a higher level of thinking and questioning.

I hope you will experiment with this strategy.  If you do, let us know how it goes.

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