Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daily Assignment #23: Chunking Instruction Within a Lesson

Chunking Instruction is when a teacher varies the activities within a lesson to keep a quick pace and to address different learning styles.

The lesson structure might look like this:

1.  Teacher does direct instruction: teacher explains how the Greeks explained things in nature and gives an example.
2.  Small group interaction:  groups of 3 students spend about 5 minutes thinking about other myths that explain elements in nature.
3.  Whole group sharing:  groups report out on their thinking.
4.  Small groups apply skills/knowledge:  the small groups now write their own original myth explaining an element of nature.
5.  Whole group sharing: groups share their stories
6.  Teacher does direct instruction:  explains characteristics of several Greek Heroes.
7.  Small group interaction: groups select a hero and, using a descriptive graphic organizer, list the characteristics.
8.  Whole group sharing:  groups share their graphic organizers
9.  Individual students apply knowledge/skills independently:  each student must create a myth, which explains an element of nature and include at least 1 Greek Hero.

By doing a lesson, in this way, you are addressing the introverted and extroverted learners in your class, among other learning styles. The pace is quick, which helps with attention. The students have an opportunity to take in learning, discuss it and apply it many times in different ways.  Because students have had opportuinities to practice, within small groups before they work independently, the success of the writing assignment will be greater.

I hope this helps with lesson planning.  It will make a difference in students' learning.

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