Sunday, November 14, 2010

Daily Assignment #21: Planning for a Substitute, Plan B

It is inevitable, if it hasn't happened yet, you will be absent. Do not stress over it.  The students will be fine if you are out for a few days.  It is much better for everyone if you stay home and take care of yourself than push yourself and, in the process, contaminate everyone.

Now, having said that, please know that I went to work many times feeling dreadful, and I am sure, with a fever.  I went for many reasons: I thought the children would fall apart without me;  I knew the room would fall apart without me; I didn't have plans for the next day.  The fact is, when I was absent, unexpectantly, everything was alright, albeit the children were glad when I returned.

Here is a strategy I adapted, which was very helpful.  I call it Plan B, because Plan A are those wonderful plans we do everyday that anyone could teach.

Plan B:
For each day of the week, have a 2-pocket folder.  On one side put a typical daily schedule.  On the other side have possible generic lessons, worksheets, and activities.  For example: Literacy-- a short story with comprehension and recall questions, or a writing activity where students read 3/4 of the story and write a new ending.
Math--worksheets that review previously taught concepts, or activities/games students can do with partners or in teams.
Science--students choose an animal, from a list you have created, they are to draw a sketch and using a descriptive graphic organizer, list characteristics selected from books, articles, and other resources, which have been set aside for this purpose.
Social Studies--with partners list as many countries, or states, or continents, (challenge-list capitals).

Also, in the folder, put the names 2-3 students who would make good helpers for the sub.

By doing this now, in the unfortunate circumstance that you need to be absent, you can focus on getting better and not what is happening in your classroom and the substitute will thank you for being so well planned.

If you have any ideas for topics I welcome your suggestions.

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