Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daily Assignment #94: LAFF don't CRY

While researching Active Listening, I came across this great strategy, which includes Active Listening, for facilitating parent-conferences, especially difficult ones. The acronym LAFF don't CRY, (McNaughty, Hamlin, McCarthy, Head-Reaves & Schreiner, 2008), stands for:

L Listen/empathize
A Ask questions
F Focus on the issue
F Find a 1st step


C Critize people who aren't present
R React hastily and promise something you can't deliver
Y Yakety-yak-yak off subject, e.g. talk about oneself

After reading about this strategy, I realized how many other scenerios this could be used in, e.g. staff meetings,family gatherings.

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Due to the Thanksgiving holiday my next blog will be on Wednesday, November 30th.
Have a wonderful and safe holiday and don't forget to practice Active Listening. Most importantly, LAFF don't CRY.
Best Effort,

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