Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daily Assignment #71: Legacy

A dear friend, and colleague, (Jane), asked me what I wanted my legacy to teaching to be when I retired.  I believe it is the hope of all teachers that something taught, or done through the years, impacts a student, or colleague, in away that the spirit of the lesson/experience carries on years after we have left the profession.  However, for me, I couldn't figure out what that was.

After watching this video, by Sir Ken Robinson, I realized what I would like to be my legacy.  I want people to say that, "Linda taught the total child."  When I reflect on my 34 years of teaching, I recognize that I not only taught the core content areas, but I included ceramics, orienteering, recorders, ballroom dancing, dramatizations, plays, knitting, singing, art and things I can't even remember.  Please know, I did not do this alone, parents and volunteers supported my classroom on a regular basis.  An amazing parent,(Barb), volunteered to teach orienteering for many years, as did a parent, (Lucia), who taught ceramics, and a group of mothers, who came in once a week, to teach knitting, to mention a few.  So, you see, it does take a village.

I hope by watching this video you will become, if not already, more cognizant of how you integrate music, art, physical movement, or whatever else you can do, to tap into a child's interest, strengths, and most importantly, the creative part of their brain.

This video is 19 minutes long.  It is well worth your time.  It is humorous, while making an important point.  So, please take the time to watch.
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On another note, this will be last blog until August 21st.  Please make sure you rejoin this site at that time.  I am planning to experiment with new ways to share strategies with you beginning in August.
Having said that, as you start planning for next year, I hope you will use this site as a reference.

Now, go and have a wonderful, relaxing and well deserved summer vacation.  Remember to use sunblock, laugh, do something kind each day and smile.  You are an amazing person because you are a teacher and you do make a difference!!!

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