Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daily Assignment #67: Closure for the End of the Year: #2 Goodbye Book

Another activity for the end of the year is a "Goodbye Book".  This provides a brief summary of the school year for the students.
The teacher puts the name of the class and the year on the front cover. The students complete the cover by decorating it with drawings of things that happened throughout the year.

On the inside have 8-10 pages with ideas for drawings or words.  For example:

Draw a picture of your teachers.
Draw a picture of a friend.
Something you learned.
Favorite field trip.
Something that made you laugh.
Favorite activity.
Favorite book.
Something I shared.
Something I'm good at.
Favorite project.
Favorite unit of study.
Autograph pages/ a gift from a friend.  (The gift from the friend would be kind words.)
A gift from your teacher. (Again, this would be kind words.)

Match the ideas to your class and your students.  I'm sure you have a lot more ideas.

On a side note, I spoke with a student today, who I had 15 years ago, she said she still has her book!  So, these are definitely keepers.

I hope you will experiment with this activity.
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