Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daily Assignment #55: Numbered Heads Together

The structure of Numbered Heads is from the work of Spencer Kagan. 
There are a number of variations on this strategy,some are very simple and others have a greater degree of complexity. 

The purpose of Numbered Heads is to process information, communication, developing thinking, review of material,and checking prior knowledge. 

This strategy can be used as a precursor to teaching Cooperative Learning structures, such as a Jigsaw.

  1. Divide the class into equal groups of 4.  Number off the students in each group. If one group is smaller than the others have # 3 answer for # 4 as well. The teacher can give numbers or students can give numbers themselves.
  2. Teacher asks the students a question or sets a problem to solve. It must be stressed that everyone in the group must be able to participate and answer the question.
  3. Ensure enough time is given for the group to do the task.
  4. The students work together. They quite literally “put their heads together” in order to solve the problem and also ensure that everyone in the group can answer the question.
  5. The teacher asks for an answer/response to a question by calling a number. (this might be at random, e.g. pulling a number our of a hat, or can initially be decided by the teacher in order to ensure the process is successful) 
  6. The students with the number called then answers/responds to the question. 
This is a great strategy for students to learn how to work together and be responsible for each other's learning.

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