Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dailyl Assignment #29: "I" Message

The "I" Message is an effective management strategy.  Thomas Gordon coined the phrase, "I" Message, in 1960.  It consist of 3 parts:

                                        1. a non-blameful description:  When you interrupt my teaching,

                                        2. the effect of the behavior on you:  I feel frustrated.

                                        3. what you would like to happen next: I would like you to raise your hand if                                              
                                           you want to speak.
Using this language takes the "you" out of the message and makes it nonjudgemental.  You are stating facts.


1.  Jack leaves the lab table and leaves the materials out.

Jack, when you leave the materials out,

I feel afraid that the materials will be broken.

Please put the materials away.

2.  Maria finishes eating her snack and leaves, leaving behind her trash.

Maria, when you leave trash on the table,

I feel frustrated because I have to clean it up.

Please put your trash in the wastebasket after eating.

These 3 key phrases can act as a guide :    
                                                                  1.  When you...
                                                                  2.  I feel...
                                                                  3.  I would like...

I hope you will take the opportunity to experiment with this strategy.  Let me know how it goes.

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