Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daily Assignment #28: Rock/Paper/Scissors

I'm sure you remember this game from childhood.  Did you know that children in Japan are taught this game to solve some problems, such as who gets the ball first?

After witnessing the effectiveness of this strategy myself, I decided to implement it in my classroom.  I must say, it eliminated me having to deal with a lot of little things that might have otherwise taking up valuable teaching time.

Students used Rock/Paper/ Scissors to solve ---- who got the coveted seat, who were the captains for games at recess, who passed out papers, who used certain art supplies first, and the list goes on.  It was wonderful to see the students take total responsibilty in solving problems that had the potential to become a major distraction from learning.

If you decide to experiment with this strategy make sure you:
1. name it
2. state what it is for
3. describe how to do it
4. model
5. have students practice
6. give feedback
7. practice more

Tidbit:  I had the students stand back to back.  Some students would hesitate just long enough to see what the other student was going to do.

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