Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daily Assignment #8: Lessons 3&4 for Establishing Classroom Rules

For Lesson 3, you will need a large floor plan of the school playground and cafeteria.  As a whole group, have the students design rules for each floor plan (try to combine some), e.g. no throwing food in the cafeteria, only go down the slide, no hitting.  With each suggestion have a quick discussion, "If this was done would it be respectful or disrepectful?  What would disrepectful/respectful behavior look like?"  An example might be:  Rule: Only go down the slide.  "Is that being disrepectful or respectful?"  "Respectful." "Who are you respecting?"  "Friends."  "What would disrepectful behavior look like?"  "Going up the slide."  "Who are you disrespecting?" "Friends."  

Point out that different behaviors are necessary for different spaces. But there is one behavior that seems to be very important.  "What is that behavior?"  As Aretha Franklin would say, R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Lesson 4 pulls it all together.  You will need a large floor plan of the classroom.  As a whole group, have the students design rules for the class.  Process with the group and see if any of them can be combined.  Have the same discussion for each rule, as you did in Lesson 3.  

Hopefully, they will recognize the importance of always being respectful and that that is the key to all appropriate behavoir.   Students may want to keep all the rules up.  Make sure the word RESPECT is on the chart in large letters.

Post all the charts so that the students can see their progression through this process.

Remember, you are the model of the behaviors you want your students to demonstrate (so, don't go up the slide).  And, they are watching.  They are watching to see how you speak to colleagues, as well as to them.  Also, remember to watch your body language.  

More on body language another time.
This unit, and the books that go with it, can be used at almost every grade level. The older students will enjoy revisiting picture books or old favorites and the younger grades always love a story. So, please don't hesitate to experiment with this unit.
Daily Assignment #9 will be on the all important  --- OPEN HOUSE!  It's coming up.

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