Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Assignment #10: Birthday Celebrations

Handling students' birthdays can be a challenge.  Parents' plans for their child's celebration in the classroom can be very different from what you are willing to handle.  Invitations, alone can be a major problem.  So, let me offer a strategy.

First, make it clear to parents that no invitations can be passed out in the classroom, or outside the classroom door.  I understand the reasoning for parents doing this--not having mailing addresses or emails, mostly for convenience.  However, it can create chaos in the classroom.  If one child is not included the teacher must deal with the hurt feelings for the entire day.  If a child loses their invitation, again, the classroom teacher must deal with the problem.

Second, let the parents know that all children will be treated the same for their birthdays.  Parents may send in finger type snacks, e.g. munchkins, cookies, cupcakes, to be shared at snack time or sometime during the day, at which time the class will sing "Happy Birthday" to the child.  Make it clear to parents that cakes, ice cream, drinks and party favors and, yes, even birthday parties, are unmanageable.  They are time consuming, messy and can make other students feel uncomfortable about what their families can provide.  It is also unnecessary for parents to be present during this time.

Notify all parents well in advance of the first celebration.

On another note, for the next few weeks, I will be without internet access, maybe.  If possible, I will continue my blog, but it may not be possble.  Please continue to check and know, I will definitely be back on October 10th.

Best Effort,

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