Sunday, March 17, 2013

Daily Assignment #130: Setting and Communicating High Expectations

Recently, a teacher asked me how to establish and reinforce expectations for students.  First, I referred her to Daily Assignment # 1, 2, 3, 4...  When I began to number off each blog, the teacher realized that we are communicating our expectations in everything we do, from how we arrange the classroom environment to responding to students' answers.

Bottom line, after a semester break, begin by reviewing the expectations with the students, hopefully these are posted in the classroom.  It is important for you, as the teacher, to be firm, clear and consistent.  This applies to behaviors as well as performance.  Maintain your standards and expectations, especially on those days when it may feel like it is the first day of school.

Also, create Criteria for Success for assignments, (Daily Assignment #25).  Criteria for Success would be #3 on a rubric.  By posting the Criteria for Success and going over it with students, sends the message that this is bottom line and you will not accept less.  However, make it clear you will accept beyond this level.

Remember, everything a teachers does, during the course of a day, sends messages to your students as to your beliefs, standards and expectations.  When you respond to a child, react to a situation, give an assignment, interact with a colleague, a grade, feedback, and more, sends messages to your students.  So, be clear, consistent and firm.  They will get the message loud and clear.

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