Sunday, February 3, 2013

Daily Assignment #128: Even More Do-Nows

Here are few more Do-Nows to add to your repertoire:

  • Write antonyms for...            (ex. wet-dry)
  •           synonyms for...           (ex. difficult-hard, heavy, tough)
  •           homophone for...        (ex. sun-son)
  • Write  another word that could belong in this group...    (ex. road, lane, avenue, ______)
  • Write a declarative sentence.
  •             exclamatory 
  •             interrogative
  •             command
  • What is the root word for....            (ex. totally)
  • What is the prefix for ...                  (ex. reestablished)
  • What is the suffix for...                   (unemployed)
  • Write a list of compound words.
  • Fact or Opinion              (ex. Drinking alcohol can be a cause for a car accident.)   (ex. The drinking age should be raised.)
  • Fact or Fantasy              (ex. an octopus can change color to match its surroundings.)                (ex. Suddenly the red carpet flies off into the sky.)
  • Simile or Not Simile     (ex. Riding a bike without a helmet is like diving into an empty pool.)         (ex. Do not play along the train tracks.)
  • Simile or Metaphor      (ex.The judge's robe was black as ink.)  (ex. The car jetted out of the parking lot.}
  • Analogies   (ex. traffic cone: orange    as   ___________ : red)
  • Cause and Effect  (ex. Otis had a wreck because he was eating a hot fudge sundae while driving.  What is the cause and what is the effect?)
I hope you will experiment with some of these Do-Nows.  I will add more Do Nows in my next blog, on March 10th.  I will not have internet access until then.  Sorry.  Take this time to look through past blogs for more strategies to experiment.  Or better yet, buy my book on   (I had to get a plug-in.)
In the meantime, please share this blogsite with colleagues and friends.
Best Effort,

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