Sunday, September 30, 2012

Daily Assignment #119: Calling home

Begin by stating your name and whose teacher you are.  Then say that it is not an emergency.

If you are delivering upsetting news about the child, and you are calling on a landline, be aware of the possibility of the message being erased before the parent hears it.  I suggest that you do not describe the issue but just say that you would like to speak to a parent.  Also, add that you will assume the parent did not get the message if they do not call back and that you will try again.  With the common use of cell phones this is probably a moot point.

If you call in the evening from your home phone and do not want your number to show on caller ID use *67.  This prevents the family from getting your phone number, as it will be blocked.  But keep in mind blocked calls may not be received.

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