Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Assignment #106: Reinforcing Effort Leads to Achievement

Research shows that students may not make the connection between their level of effort and their  level of achievement.   As a result, teachers may need to teach this relationship.  Robert Marzano states, "Students who believe the amount of effort they put into a task increases their achievement actually do better."  When students meet with success, when attempting to reach a specific goal, they should receive some form of recognition for their efforts

Marzano's recommendations for classroom practice include:
  • explicitly teach students that effort can improve achievement
  • ask students to chart effort and achievement
  • establish a rationale for recognition
  • follow guidelines for effective and ineffective praise
  • use recognition tokens
  • use the pause, prompt, and praise technique (Daily Assignment #99: Pause, Prompt, Praise)

                                              Classroom Instruction that Works by Robert J.Marzano, Debra J. Pickering, Jane E. Pollock

    Using rubrics helps to raise student awareness that learning is incremental and that the more effort they expend the greater their achievement will be.  (Refer to Daily Assignment #25: Rubrics)

    In Daily Assignment #69 I shared the reasons why I close each blog with "Best Effort".  Changing our language, as the models for our students, will reinforce the importance of effort.

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