Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Assignment #58: Framing Learning

Framing Learning is letting the students know---

  1. What they will be learning using kid friendly language in the objective--- Ex.  You will know and use question marks at the end of an "asking" sentence.
  2. Why they are learning it (purpose) Ex. So that you will be able to write an "asking" sentence. 
  3. How they will learn it (procedural) Sequence of Lesson
  4. How they will know they know it--By making "telling" sentences into "asking" sentences.
  5. How you, (the teacher), will know they know it (assessment)
Framing learning can be done orally or written, e.g. chart, smart board.

Vocabulary for Framing Learning:

Draw, State, Record Recognize, Identify, Sort , Describe, Select, Present, Locate Information from Text,

Decide, Discuss, Define, Classify, Explain how, Devise, Calculate, Interpret, Construct Clarify,

Plan, Predict, Conclude, Solve, Determine the Key points from..., Formulate, Explain why,

Use the pattern to..., Reorganize, Explain the differences between..., Make connections between...,

Use the idea of ... to..., Use a model of... to ..., Provide evidence for, Evaluate the evidence for...

I hope you will experiment with this strategy.  It will make a difference in student learning.  It provides students with a road map to learning.  Students won't be sitting in front of you trying to figure out what the lesson is all about, or playing "Guess What's on the Teacher's Mind".

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